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(Originally published in the New England Real Estate Journal, March 25, 2011)

Business plan and PR plan should go hand in hand

Whether you're in a product or service-oriented business (even a non-profit), you probably have a business plan. It may or may not be a formal plan. It may be in your head rather than in written form.

Your business plan should form the outline for your publicity plan. There are lots of things that are worthy of some media attention - both print and online.

A regular flow of publicity is important so you're always "top of mind" and potential customers know about your business, your products and services.

A commercial real estate developer client had a multi-year plan to transform a 30-acre landfill into an upscale shopping center. The publicity plan followed his business plan: Stories over an 18-month period focused on the following:

*His vision to turn a non-performing eyesore into an upscale destination center;

*The challenge of environmental remediation on the site;

*Complex geotechnical engineering challenges of building on a landfill;

*Success of a public-private partnership;

*Number of construction jobs created;

*The groundbreaking ceremony with local, state and VIP photo ops;

*Leases signed with prestigious retail tenants;

*Number of full and part-time jobs the project would bring to the area;

*New tax revenue stream that would flow to the host community;

*Ribbon-cutting and opening cocktail reception.

In the next few months there were stories about the center's successes, and how that project served as a catalyst, inspiring nearby property owners to renovate or build anew in a former no-man's land. My client bought a nearby industrial building, tore it down, and built a 90,000 square-foot supermarket. More jobs, more new taxes for the town, more blight to beauty. I also created a story about a prestigious award the developer and engineering firm won for his project. More good stories. More great press.

Each step along the path to growing your business lends itself to telling another chapter in your story. Building your brand -- getting your team, your company, products/services and accomplishments noticed -- is what good PR is all about.

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